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8. Happy Jawbone Family Band

1. Everybody Knows About Daddy
2. I Have to Speak with Rocky Balboa
3. D-R-E-A-M-I-N'
4. That Green Light
5. Hans Christian Andersen's "The Little Mermaid"
6. Stay-at-Home Soldier
7. Can't You Hear Me Ticking
8. Do You Want Me
9. Mr. Clean
10. I'll Never Go Skin Deep Again
11. I Don't Wanna Dance Tonight

2013: Our freshest album, we recorded it for Mexican Summer Records in their own deluxe studio, using 2-inch tape, vintage tube-amps and the unwavering artistic vision of Jarvis Traverniere of Woods and Rear House fame. We made it the old fashioned way with demos and different takes and stuff like that, that we've never had the attentions span to do before. We played each song over a hundred times before recording, so that we could re-structure the parts and lyrics to reach their absolute potential for devastation in the mind of the listener. Don't worry, we still found time to include our signature "dust-cloud" moments and it sounds like a real happy jawbone album. It's just different so that we don't get bored. And if we don't get bored, you don't get bored. Get it in either 12" LP, CD or download format:

Ad Hoc review:

7-1/2. Happy Jawbone Family Band Tastes the Broom

1. Now Everybody Rock Like You Got AIDS (off Family Matters)
2. Fireflies Made Out of Dust (off Hotel Double Tragedy)
3. At the Hotel Double Tragedy (off Hotel Double Tragedy)
4. Fistful of Butter (off the Return of Hotel Double Tragedy)
5. There's Too Much Blood in the Attic Today (off the Silk Pistol)
6. Book of Fire (off OK Midnight, You Win)
7. That Cruel Thimbleful (off the Silk Pistol)
8. Martian Santa (off A Happy Jawbone Family X-mas Gift to You, 2011. Volume 1: Operation Ho-Ho-Ho)
9. Don't Tread on the Museums of Your Youth (off Hotel Double Tragedy)

2013. Happy Jawbone Family Band's greatest flops! For this release we collected all our favorite songs from past releases that no one ever heard of and we gave them to Mexican Summer Records so they could get people to listen to them and now they aren't really flops anymore. These are the songs that I keep tacked to my inner-most walls. Get the 12" LP or the download here:

Pitchfork review:

7. The Silk Pistol

1. the wrong wings
2. there's too much blood in the attic today
3. livin foul
4. break so slow
5. that cruel thimbleful
6. little miss sayonara
7. self-immolation for beginners
8. oops, there's bugs all in my heart
9. deep dreamer
10. be good to your gun
11. i never should have died alone

2012: This is a concept album about a guy who turns into a pillow and now must walk the world in shame. Also he has a glass tongue so he can never kiss the girl he likes, and then there's always this silk pistol hot against his chest. It looks like a snub-nose .38 revolver. It sounds like a snubnose .38 revolver. But, it doesn't act like a snub nose .38 revolver! This little pistol doesn't shoot anything. It vanishes silks! And, it looks wonderful ... just like real magic! Drape a 12" silk over the chrome barrel of this little gun! Pull the trigger. Bang! The silk is gone!! In a wink it has vanished! You can make it re-appear in a Crystal Silk Box; in a Twentieth Century Silk; or just about anywhere you like! The Silk Pistol uses the same high-quality mechanism as the Viennamagic Ink Goblet, so you know it is quality, and made to last. buy it here:

Cassette Gods review:

6. A Happy Jawbone Family X-mas Gift to You, 2011. Volume 1: Operation Ho-Ho-Ho

1. It's X-mas Time Again (Michelle Korn)
2. X-mas Cartoons
3. Martian Santa
4. Snowflake Period Piece
5. African Noel (X-mas at the Children's Psychiatric Hospital)
6. Deck the Halls with Gasoline (trad.)
7. Christmas kiss (the Mary Hamhocks)
8. Vodka Seinfeld the Jewish Reindeer
9. Snowglobe (Great Valley)
10. The Great Valley on Ice
11. She Died from a Snowflake at 3 a.m.
12. Mouse Shenannigans
13. Hands off My Snowflakes
14. X-mas Tiger on the Table
15. A New Year's Wish from the Happy Jawbone Family Band
16. In a Close Call, X-mas Is Saved by Poor Planning

2011. The personal favorite album of most of the band itself, this album is designed to be a revival of the true rock and roll holiday tradition. That being said, it's not for everyone. If you are turned off by skits about mice in reggae bands and tearful sagas about Jewish reindeers then you should probably check out a different album. Also don't worry, it's not a religious album and there's only one traditional x-mas song, 'Deck the Halls with Gasoline.' The rest are originals or covers of x-mas songs you've probably never heard, unless you are a x-mas music nerd like us. Buy the 12" record with free deluxe Happy Jawbone Family X-MAS ACTIVITY BOOK here:

or the CDR here:

or if the holidays have left you strapped for cash, stream or download the entire album as a free gift, from our family to yours, here:

Cassette Gods review:

5. "o.k. midnight, you win!"

1. "i hope it works out" bay
2. book of fire
3. my affectionate eye disease
4. it's not the day that i was hoping for
5. fireflies made of dust
6. country mercy
7. pillar of salt
8. don't play ding dong ditch on my heart
9. oops i did it again
10. hold me
11. fresh gash
12. fast mercy

2011. I learned everything I need to know about midnight's cruel pass-times from OK MIDNIGHT YOU WIN. Big sound. Sounds like 2011 but bigger. Recorded with big-time mics by a real pro. Minimum dust cloud. Maximum fever. Even people with bad taste are thrilled with that midnight suckerpunch. It hits like a half ton of silk. Get it in either 12" LP or CD format from FEEDINGTUBE RECORDS at:

4. the return of hotel double tragedy

1. hotel double tragedy (take 2)
2. talk to me (take 1)
3. fireflies made of dust (take 2)
4. rabbit rabbit
5. rage rage against those hideous fireflies
6. fistful of butter
7. trust in rock and roll
8. tell me, tell me
9. let my ears be unplugged
10. agatha christie's poirot
11. talk to me (take 3)
12. talk to me (take 2)
13. i said i want to listen to music by dead people
14. sometimes it takes a city to feel alone

2010. More rock and roll classics from the hotel that we have come to adore! Some people say they like it better than the original. You be the judge. But watch out! Pretty soon you'll start feeling like a burning building. You're gonna get so soft! You're fading away! Our original release of gold tapes from Spooky Town Artifacts sold out, but Feeding Tube records has recently re-released it in double 12" LP format with the original Hotel Double Tragedy as the Complete Hotel Double Tragedy, including a free download of both albums as well as an album of outtakes and a choose-your-own adventure book. Get it here:

3. hotel double tragedy

1. at the hotel double tragedy (take 1)
2. don't Tread On The Museums Of Your Youth
3. tiny children in our hearts
4. the snow will make fat men of us all
5. how i laughed my way to an early grave
6. junk pop
7. no more smoking pot in the bathroom
8. fireflies made of dust (take 1)
9. at the hotel double tragedy (take 3)
10. we used to be such good friends

2010. The Hotel Double Tragedy is constantly burning. You will be too with these new hits from the family! Simply listen to the album at a decent volume and watch your life fall apart. We were thinking of releasing this album under the pretense that it was found under the bed of a dead priest who was the grandfather of a couple of members of the Vaselines, but we thought better of it. You deserve the TRUTH! You deserve magic in POP ATTITUDE! You deserve ONE ANCIENT JANGLE! In ten seconds FLAT! You deserve HOTEL DOUBLE TRAGEDY! Get one today for yourself or for someone you care about. Our original release of gold 12" LPs from Feeding Tube records sold out, but they recently re-released it in DOUBLE 12" LP format with the Return of Hotel Double Tragedy as the Complete Hotel Double Tragedy, including a free download of both albums as well as an album of outtakes and a choose-your-own adventure book. Get it here:

2. family matters

1. I Want To Sing A Christmas Song
2. Now Everybody Rock & Roll LIke U Have Aids
3. Good Gleam
4. "I Hope It Works Out" Bay
5. I'm Not Gonna Bleed Here 4 Yr Mercy Any Longer
6. Good Time Music Baby
7. Eat Yr <3 Out, Velvet Davenport
8. Ocean Time Summer (V.D. Cover)
9. I Promised U A Rose Garden (But I LIed)
10. Space "Nanana2" Face
11. I'm White Hot (4 Yr Lovin')
12. The Return To Jupiter Fun Club
13. Solar Wind Music
14. I'm A Sucka 4 U
15. Oops, I Did It Again
16. But It's Sooo Close
17. Good Good Food
18. 'The Album So Far...'
19. Honesty Is The Best Policy
20. This Morning Weightiness
21. Nestled In Chaos, July 4th, 1986
22. This One's 4 Tori
23. I Saw Charlie Chaplin In A Piece Of Steak
24. Pecos Bill Blues
25. Cheung "Lil' Mama Ref" Life
26. Itty-Bitty Sattelites
27. Baby Reparte
28. Jolly Rocker
29. I Don't Want It, Stupid
30. Let The Sunglasses Do The Talking
31. I <3 Christmas
32. The Joy Of Painting (An Educational Voyage)
33. Y'All Ready 4 This?!?!
34. Why Don't U Shoot Me Babe?
35. I Lost My Favorite Headache (All I Want 4 Xmas Is A Golden Pear)
36. O, Chris Schumann, Do You Watch The Same Moon As I Do Tonight?
37. live free and cry hard
38. Unicorn Brown Sunset
39. Keep Yr Red Song Close
40. I <3 2 <3 U (Sometimes)

2009.This album is a little better than ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE CANDY MACHINE, though they're basically the same album. 40 songs, 40 excuses for a bath-time suicide mission. A true expression of rock and roll burning lifestyle. This album goes good with a switchblade and bad grades. Often people are reminded of the guitar solo in BACK TO THE FUTURE PARTS I & II where Marty McFly starts to disappear because his past is being erased. Our first run of tapes on SPOOKY TOWN ARTIFACTS sold out in 2011, but then I REMASTERED the whole album, stuck some brand new extra art on it and put it out as a CDR on BLUEBERRY HONEY. Get it here:

Look, someone else likes it!

1. on the wrong side of the candy machine

1. The Sound That Love Makes
2. Jupiter Funclub (Astronaut Chic (I Got It))
3. the ballad of malibu (he’s an american gladiator for those not in the know(not the new kind i’m talkin classic here))
4. I Got a Bad Atittude (Sorry)
5. OMG Gag me With a Pearl
6. Where Are My eyes?
7. I Hate My Life
8. 2 mUCH Technicolor yawn
9. 1 half of a tomato
10. Fear & romance Weighed Each Other (Down Home Remix)
11. Fresh Gash
12. Booger Event
13. Muy Tambien
14. Don't Be Scared
15. Mutual Onanism
16. Smooch City
17. Thunderbolt Jargon
18. Candied Ghosts
19. eatin' the Angels in Big Handfuls (Swamp Remix)
20. a lake made out of your skin
21. Welcome to Graveyard Town, Population 1: U
22. that b part
23. WILDMAN!!!
24. marry Me (please)
25. This Cold Wind, I Didn't Mean 4 it 2 B SOOO COld
26. 26. GAbe "come lick me i look like meat loaf the dish not the singer well i guess the singer too" stoll is dead
27. molly Milk O' Magnesia
28. Actually, I LIke my Life
29. moustache reference
30. Shakeshake That Thang, Glass Robot!!!!!!!!!
32. my Affectionate Eye Disease
33. Garden of Eatin'
34. i've been waitin 4 so long even U Look Good
35. Dinosaur Stamp Affection (I Know It)
36. Live Free & Cry (Baby)
37. Your Rainbow Guts (Gone Leaky)
38. I'm not gonna bleed any longer here 4 Yr Mercy Any LOnger here
39. NEW! Waitin 4 so long
40. Good Nite (get out of My Head Now (PLEase))

2009. Our first album and companion to FAMILY MATTERS, it also has 40 songs and even less talent! It features a pop sensibility gone wrong, and the song FRESH GASH as seen on RUSSIAN MTV. {} It hits like a swarm of locusts but then it turns out it's a real softie. My mom says she thinks she might like it. Sold out at faux-pas records! Buy now at unread records in CASSETTE TAPE format here:

We're so proud of this review:

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